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Gas Stoves

Offering efficient and beautiful accents to any home.

Gas Stoves

Gas Stove

Gas direct vent stoves offer efficient and beautiful accents to any home.  Wether you are heating a room, an addition, or zone heating (heating just the area you are in instead of the whole house saving up to 30% on your annual heating cost) we have a style to fit your home.  Classic cast iron units in a variety of sizes and colors or heavy gauge steel units with bay windows for wider viewing area. 

We sell Regency, Napoleon, Piazzetta, and  Enviro units.  All are made to a high quality and we have had very little service over the years on any of these units.  These units will provide years of worry free operation.  Also these units work without power so during a blizzard when it’s 20 below out and a tree limb falls on the power lines or the ice storm that knocks your electricity for a week you know that your home and family are protected by a reliable heat source.  Contact Greg at ☎ (231) 796-3403 to learn more.