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Wood Stoves

Offering the most efficient, cleanest-burning wood stove ever.

Wood Stoves

Choose EPA Certified Wood Stoves

Save money, improve efficiency, use less wood, reduce creosote and pollution.

Wood heat is an affordable clean way to heat your home and cut down on your carbon footprint.  We offer a wide variety of EPA wood stoves from some of the top suppliers in the industry.  When you purchase a quality name brand product from us you know that you are buying a 20-25 year stove that function and perform better than the inexpensive wood stoves purchased at the local big box stores.

According to the EPA in 2013 there were 12 Million wood stoves in America and about 9 Million of them were older non-EPA certified wood stoves.

Why choose an EPA certified wood stove? 1) Save money, fuel, time, and resources. 2) Improve your energy efficiency on your wood stove by 50%. 3) Use 1/3 less wood to produce the same heat. 4) Cut down on creosote buildup in the chimney (reducing the fire risk). 5) Produce 70% less particle pollution indoors and out.

We offer steel stoves, cast iron stoves, catalytic and non-catalytic stoves that are all EPA certified.  We carry Regency, Quadra-Fire, Enviro, Pacific Energy, Napoleon and True North Stoves.

When you stop into the showroom we will provide you with price list by brand, brochures, and can answer any of your questions.  We have live burn units in the showroom that we rotate out every season so that we know how each brand operates and can describe the benefits of each product to you.  Unlike the box stores where many of their employees have never burned with wood and they have no live burns we are the professionals and know our products. Contact Greg at ☎ (231) 796-3403 to learn more.

Listed below are some examples of what you will find in our showroom when you stop out highlighted here:

Catalytic Steel Stoves

Regency® Pro-Series  F5100 Wood Stove

Regency® Pro-Series
F5100 Wood Stove

The Regency F5100 is the Largest EPA Wood Stove Available in North America.  It offers a massive 4.42 cu. ft. firebox that will hold up to 90lb of wood up to 22” long. 80,000 BTU will heat homes 1,500-3,000 sq. ft. is 85.8% efficient, super clean burning with emissions of 1.46 g/hr.  This unit is 520lbs, offers a large glass door, with single lever air control.  

Eco-Boost Technology on this stove offers 2-loads of wood will give you 30+ hours of burn time compared to non- ECo-Boost units 5-loads of wood will give you 30 hours of burn time. Eco-Boost are cleaning burning 1.1 g/hr vs. non Eco-Boost 3-7 g/hr. Eco-Boost units are 20% more efficient meaning you use less wood and have overall lower fuel cost.

Non-Catalytic Stoves 

Enviro Kodiak 1700 Step Top

Enviro Kodiak 1700 Step Top

Enviro Kodiak 1700 Step Top. 74,000 BTU’s  will heat 1,600-3,000 Square feet, 8-12hr burn times, 20” logs, 84.7% efficient, 2.50 Cubic Foot firebox, 4.5 g/hr emissions.  

Non-Catalytic Cast Iron Stoves

Quadra-Fire Explorer II

Quadra-Fire Explorer II

Quadra-Fire Explorer II features 65,800 BTU is a medium stove that will heat 1,100 sq. ft. to 2,200 sq. ft.  Features a massive ceramic glass door for a beautiful viewing area.  2.4 cu. ft. firebox that handle 20” logs, 80% efficient stove and the ACC automatic combustion control - simply load the wood, light the fire, and walk away.